Formula Mazda For Sale

Chassis: Steel Tube Frame
Engine: Mazda 13B Rotary Engine
Horsepower: 185 Track Day Models 260HP
Transaxle: Racing Five Speed plus reverse
RPM Limit: 6800
Wheelbase 95 inches
Dry Weight: 1140 lbs
Minimum Weight: 1350 lbs with driver
0-60 MPH: 3 Seconds
¼ Mile: 9.2 Seconds
Top Speed: 145 MPH

Features: Adjustable Shocks, Sway Bars, and Wing Angles
Everything a “Big” Car does.
Wheels: BBS Centerlock
Bodywork: Aluminum and Composite
Fuel: Regular Low Octane – 6 MPG
Safety: On Board Fire System;6 Point Harness; Shear Plate Suspension
Crush Zone – Front, Rear and Sides

Economical to Own and Operate

Eligible in ABJ Member Racing. SCCA, NASA, Midwestern Council or simply a track day event.

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