I am selling PFM Chassis 06-606 that was run by Team Pelfrey in the Mazda Pro Series. This chassis is well engineered and consistently finished in the top 5. Chassis and gearbox have just gone through a complete and professional rebuild by ArmsUp Motorsports in Sheboygan, WI. Paint and car are perfect, ready to race. This car is well sorted and not a “Club Car”. It has been professionally developed and engineered to the highest standards. When comparing this car to many others, you will really begin to understand the differences.

The car comes with 3 sets of wheels. 1 set of rain tires, 1 set of GOOD scrub tires and 1 set of sticker tires.
Runs the Pi Dash, which is very user friendly to manage and maintain.
This is a track ready car that is built to run without giving you problems or reliability issues. Engineered and built by Tom Knapp of Pelfrey, this car is the best PFM on the market.


Joe Tovo
(630) 890-8113