2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport that has been raced cleanly in the Trophy East series for all three years, and maintained by Midwest Eurosport. The car had the transmission replaced in August of 2018, with only two race weekends after. This car has all of the current software upgrades, current can bus, exhaust headers without catalytic converters, upgraded to Manthey Racing suspension, and Manthey Racing rear wing. The car still has the same graphics as when it was new and wrapped by Cutting Edge Graphics.

Other parts include:
– Two extra sets of Porsche wheels
– Motorola digital radio (installed)
– Motec C125 dash display and data monitoring system
– Multiposition tire temperature sensors aimed across the face of each tire
– front and rear Aim Smarty Cam video systems
– window net
– removable 2nd seat and belts
– 2 extra sets of springs (originals and supplemental)
– extra brake pads
– extra brake rotors
– spare Porsche front bumper cover (no graphics)
– spare radiators
– spare suspension parts
– 1 set of lightly used Pirelli WH rain tires (mounted)
– 2 sets of lightly used Pirelli DH dry tires (mounted)
– several lightly used Pirelli DH dry tires
– original Porsche Clubsport wing
– original Porsche Clubsport exhaust
– air jack stands
– fuel tank drainage system
– original tub & body (frame never clipped or sectioned)

$170,000 (OBO)

Contact David Varwig at either 312-953-1425 or 312-961-9193 or dlv@citadel-group.com

David Varwig
(312) 953-1425